DLI at War – Rissik (1st Edition)

The Durham Light Infantry is not only one of the British army’s proudest and most distinguised units – it is also one of the best recorded. This book is one among several published by the Naval and Military Press chronicling the DLI’s many battle exploits, and it tells the regiment’s story during the Second World War. The history comes complete with a foreword by Field-Marshal Montgomery who often found himself commanding the DLI in many fields, from Alamein to Germany via Sicily, Normandy and Holland. Monty writes: ‘It is a magnificent Regiment, steady as a rock in battle and absolutely reliable on all occasions’. This book tells the full and thrilling story of the regiment’s many battle honours, which include Arras and Dunkirk in France in 1940; the western desert, Tobruk and Malta; Tunis, Sicily, Italy and Greece; the Arakan and Kohima in Burma; Normandy, the Low Countries and Germany in 1944-45. The book has 20 maps, 32 photographs and an index.
Hard Back Edition – worn 1st Edition


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